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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate responsibility

The Shearwater Group (SWG) recognises its corporate and social responsibilities towards customers/clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders. We recognise that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to these stakeholders are integral to our business. We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies. In summary, our approach to CSR reflects senior management’s overall commitment to high standards of integrity and ethical conduct.


The SWG provides equal opportunities both to job applicants and existing employees, recognising that our reputation depends on the wellbeing, effectiveness and skill base of our employees. We are committed to the equal treatment of all employees and promote the prohibition of discrimination, in areas including equal pay, fair treatment and employment opportunities for a diverse workforce. The SWG offers flexible working arrangements where practicable to help employees achieve a good work/life balance.

The SWG provides workplaces of a high standard for the benefit of our employees and customers/clients, with equally high standards of adherence to health and safety requirements.


The SWG seeks to minimise the environmental impact of its activities. We are committed to preventing pollution, minimising waste from our offices and workplaces and adopting good environmental management practices. We seek to improve the efficiency of our use of resources by conducting activities and operations in line with current environmental legislation and best environmental practices. The SWG’s robust environmental management system is integrated into all business processes.

The SWG works with suppliers that share our own high environmental standards.


The SWG believes in and supports our local communities in several ways.

Regionally specific company time is offered for our employees to contribute to worthwhile causes. In addition, employees regularly take part in raising money for worthy campaigns or projects of their own choosing, that carry particular resonance for them and as such these are promoted through the company so that the good work undertaken can be recognised. The SWG also commits to an annual donation of a product license to charity.

Ongoing commitment

We are fully committed to the principle of CSR and aim to ensure that no relevant policy decisions are made within the business, without first evaluating the potential CSR impact.