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28th March 2019

Alfresco procures GeoLang’s Ascema Data Discovery

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GeoLang provided technology partners Alfresco with a GDPR and PCI Compliance solution that enables them to discover and protect PCI and PII across their digital estate – including cloud sync folders, endpoints, servers, email and Alfresco repositories.

“Alfresco saw the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) as an opportunity to look at the digital resilience of our own internal processes. We identified that we had limited visibility of PCI and PII within our own repositories. GeoLang, as experts in data discovery, monitoring and DLP via their Ascema platform, were the obvious choice as a partner to meet our own internal needs. We now have the ability to audit and monitor our data across not only Alfresco repositories but all of our digital estate including servers and endpoints with subject access and right to be forgotten requests easily facilitated via the Ascema platform.”