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25th March 2021

Biogas Digesters and Clean Cookstoves

This project builds biogas digesters that convert organic waste into clean renewable energy to fuel clean cookstoves.

This project is part of the Shearwater Group Zero Carbon Initiative – read more about it here.

About the project

Much of rural Sichuan Province in China lacks proper waste management degrading hygiene and creating methane gas emissions that are 25 times more harmful to the planet than CO₂.

This project helps solve these problems by installing biogas digesters that decompose organic waste, turning it naturally into clean fuel that replaces the need to burn coal or wood. It improves the health of the local communities by creating a sanitation system that provides a waste collection point and creates compost for fertiliser that increases agricultural productivity. Digesters solve a nasty, unhealthy problem while delivering value to users on multiple levels: clean fuel, healthier homes and better crops.

Why we choose this project?

Over 3 billion people around the world cook using open fires or on basic stoves. The traditional fuels used are wood, and coal which can produce vast amounts of CO2. This project is effective in its capability to reduce emissions at scale and have massive benefits for poor households.


Photos from the project

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