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15th November 2019

Brookcourt Solutions Cybercrime intelligence events

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Shearwater Group plc Company, Brookcourt Solutions are hosting a series of events in November around Cybercrime Intelligence.

The first Cybercrime Event was held on the 5th November at The Connaught Rooms, London with Brookcourt’s, partner Domain Tools.
Financial institutions, telecommunication enterprises, the police and government bodies were some of the types of organisations that attended, to learn more on how the tools, technologies and techniques that are used to help combat cybercrime can help their organisations.

The event was specifically on Cybercrime investigations in practice with DomainTools Iris and techniques used such as the below:
– TV Licensing scam
– Crypto Investment fraud
– UK Bank Phishery
– Iris Maltego integration

Brookcourt Solutions breakfast event with their partner Intel471 at Millbank Tower, next to MI5 and MI6 is on the 19th November 2019.
The event will feature guest speaker Senan Moloney: Director, Head of Cybercrime for a leading UK Bank.
The event will also include an informative discussion on the following topic:

How the cyber underground is making it easier for threat actors to launch their phishing and malware attacks
The cyber underground contains a rich set of services aiming to help actors facilitate their attacks by providing tools, services and products. In this talk, we will present an overview of underground code signing certificate services, which allow actors to bypass code signing checks which are aimed at preventing the installation of malware and other unknown software. Once the exclusive domain of nation-state attackers, these tools have been sufficiently democratised that they are now available to even moderately-sophisticated actors.

Led by: Maurits Lucas – Director of Intelligence Solutions, Intel471

In additional to these events Brookcourt Solutions and their partner Imperva Ltd are also hosting a private afternoon tea at The Savoy, London for global organisations end of November, around Data Protection in Financial Services: Identifying, Evaluating and Eliminating Current and Emerging Cyber Threats.