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8th June 2020

Pentest – Hack-A-Sat CTF

Pentest Limited, a Shearwater Group plc company, recently took part in the ‘Hack-A-Sat’ Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge. The challenge was run by The United States Air Force, in conjunction with the Defense Digital Service, with the team managing to finish within the top 10%, an impressive feat.

Paul Harris, Managing Director, explains – “When we heard about the Hack-A-Sat challenge we knew we wanted to get involved. Space systems aren’t something we have previous experience in, so we had no expectations going into the competition, viewing it as a great learning and team building opportunity rather than having any hopes of placing near the top of the leader-board. But we were up for a challenge, and what a challenge it proved to be.

Starting at 1am on 23rd May and continuing across the weekend, the competition was extremely tough with niche categories such as ‘Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrometry, Astrodynamics’ pushing us far outside our comfort zone.

In the end we finished within the top 10% with 1,278 teams competing from around the world. Considering the specialist nature of the challenges and the industry experts we were competing against, I am extremely proud of the team who, armed with this new-found expertise, are continuing to develop their skills in this area ready for the next satellite hacking challenge.2

If you would like to find out more about Pentest’s satellite hacking challenge you can visit their blog.

To infinity and beyond!