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14th August 2019

Pentest Launches New Website and Information Brochure

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Founded in 2001, Pentest Limited provides offensive information security consultation, threat analysis, research-led penetration testing & elite red teaming services, all supported by the full-service security portfolio of Shearwater Group plc.

Pentest has recently launched a new website, including overviews of their services and specialised labs to test the ethical hacking skills of aspiring penetration testers! The current lab is a Capture the Flag challenge, where the phone number of the elusive Agent Chaos is hidden in a file on a webserver made accessible to the community.

Think you’ve got what it takes to defeat the challenge? Check out the link to the new website below and navigate to /labs!

Pentest has also released a new information brochure covering their services and approach. Pentest benefits from consultants with decades of experience and the company takes a unique approach to testing and improving the information security of every organisation they work with. The full brochure is also available for download below.