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20th May 2020

Pentest launches Private Bug Bounty service

Pentest Limited, a Shearwater Group plc company, are proud to announce the launch of their new Private Bug Bounty service.

Paul Harris, Managing Director of Pentest Limited, explains, “Security testing shouldn’t be a one-off exercise and many organisations are looking to complement strategic penetration testing with more frequent and flexible testing requirements, especially when there may be limited test scope, tight timescales and/or a need to keep test costs down.”

“Bug bounties are a great option for more flexible testing needs, however, many companies avoid traditional bug bounty programs due to their public nature and lack of certainty around qualifications, credentials and the legitimacy of the people accessing their confidential systems, data and IP.”

“Our Private Bug Bounty programme has been designed to fully address these concerns and we only use our fully employed, highly qualified staff within our bug bounty programme. It’s the same testers that carry out our regular penetration testing engagements, so clients can be sure they are getting the same high-quality testing, reporting and support they’ve come to expect from us.”

To find out more about Pentest’s Private bug Bounty service, please visit the Pentest website.