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23rd January 2020

Pentest’s Mergers and Acquisitions service

Information security due diligence

Information security is a key part of any Mergers & Acquisitions due diligence process, providing those involved with the opportunity to identify and manage potential security risks before the completion of any proposed transaction.

Whether you’re looking to demonstrate credibility to potential buyers, discover the resilience of a proposed technology acquisition or wish to assess the security posture of a potential merger opportunity, Pentest Ltd can provide you with the information security consultancy and testing services you require.

Benefits to Organisations:

Demonstrate credibility to buyers
We work with companies looking to attract M&A opportunities, helping improve their security posture to withstand the scrutiny of any due diligence process and to help them demonstrate credibility to prospective buyers.

Information security assurances
Our services can provide you with the information security assurances you need as part of Mergers or Acquisitions due diligence process and give you the confidence that security risks identified have been mitigated before completion.

Protect your reputation and your investment
An information security breach can ultimately lead to financial, operational and reputational damage. Conducting information security due diligence will help you to mitigate these risks during the M&A process, ensuring your investment is as secure as possible.

Offer support throughout the due diligence process
Our experienced team of consultants will be on hand throughout the due diligence process to offer their expert information security advice.

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