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26th February 2019

Secured Future Podcast

The Secured Future podcast is an essential examination of the future of security, data, identity and the human condition. We will invite thought leaders from vendors, partners, consultancies and businesses, etc. to share their thoughts on the issues of the week and to provide actionable recommendations for today’s changing world.

In episode 1 we invited Simon King to join the podcast to discuss some of the most important topics in security today. Our conversation covered topics such as the GDPR, identity and privacy and the role of data security in today’s enterprise. 

This episode is sponsored by SecurEnvoy.

Topic List:

0:24: Introduction
3:10: The most important thing in security today (the control of data)
9:28: The role of identity
19:10: Regulatory requirements & the GDPR
23:40: Facebook & data privacy
36:40: Email & Phishing will never go away
41:00: Are you, You? The common thread of identity
44:20: Advice for the CISO buyer