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28th January 2021

SMCR, Conduct and Culture in the Time of COVID-19 Conference.

Xcina Consulting Limited had previously communicated during the last quarter of 2020 about the SMCR industry survey Xcina they were conducting.  We are pleased to inform you that they will be presenting the results of this survey at the forthcoming conference SMCR, Conduct and Culture in the Time of COVID-19.

This two-day conference has been running for a few years and provides an opportunity to update your understanding of Senior Managers’ regulatory obligations, SMCR compliance, conduct and culture, especially in the context of the current pandemic.  It is a unique virtual networking gathering which brings together banks, insurers, investment firmsconduct and culture specialists, and regulators including the FCA and the PRA.  You can also find more details about the agenda and other speakers using the links below.