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5th April 2019

Can HR build a human firewall around the business?

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Mo Stevens, CEO of Shearwater Group and Xcina, which provides ‘Digital Resilience’ solutions and services including cyber awareness training to SMEs, explores the chasm between awareness and action when it comes to cyber security training. And, considering recent GDPR legislation, why it’s even more important for companies to build a human firewall. 

In the first few weeks of joining an organisation, HR teams are often tasked with laying the foundations for what should be a slick, friendly and thorough onboarding processes for new recruits.

But while they are under pressure to promote company culture and set expectations high, they also need to manage briefings and training with various departments. Their role is to ensure that each person that joins, regardless of their level, understands everything – from the company’s vision to its health and safety policies.

The full article was originally posted on Employer News.