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Why Data Leakage Protection is Necessary for Endpoint Security

An article by Steve Watts, CEO, SecurEnvoy introducing Data Loss Protection as an essential element of security today.

Think like an Attacker: A strategic risk-based approach to cyber security

An article from Shearwater Group on our approach to understanding and defending against cyber security risks.

Social Engineering and Red Teaming

An article by Paul Harris, CEO, Pentest Ltd on best practices for including social engineering in red teaming exercises.

Introducing Risk Management – or everything I know about risk management I learned from watching Clint Eastwood movies

A whitepaper from Xcina Consulting; the title says it all!

Return of the Cybermen™ or perhaps they never really left

A whitepaper from Xcina Consulting on evolving attitude towards Cyber Security – and management approaches for the future.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

A whitepaper from Xcina Consulting on managing the inevitable risk of the digital economy – and life in general.

The State of Cyber Security and Digital Trust

GeoLang present an infographic on digital trust and and how it relates to the cyber security threats facing businesses today.

Is SMS Secure?

A whitepaper from SecurEnvoy, examining the security of SMS and the concerns of industry, businesses and individuals.

Buyers Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication

This whitepaper from SecurEnvoy is designed to help you choose the right MFA solution for your business.